Federal No.3 Miners Song

Singer/Songwriter Diana Jones
Singer/Songwriter Diana Jones

Carol Thorn, President of the Everettville Historic Association, knew the Federal No.3 Miners needed a song. She just did not know who to get to write it. Then in August, 2006, Carol went to see artist Diana Jones perform at the Blue Moose Café in Morgantown, West Virginia. She had read an article about Diana working hard to trace her roots back to her birth family in Tennessee, so Carol suspected Diana would have a love of history. Carol Thorn was moved by Diana Jones' performance, so she asked her if she would write the song for the Federal No.3 Miners.

Diana accepted the mission, and Carol sent Diana the information about the mine and the explosion. Diana was having difficultly writing the song until Carol sent her miner Henry Russell’s last words off the death notes he left from the accident at Federal No.3 — Diana wrote the song in about 15 minutes.

"Day After Tomorrow"
released 2008

Henry Russell spoke for all these men and he is telling there story now, thanks to the contributions from the Russell-Solly Family and Diana Jones.

On September 9, 2008, artist and performer Joan Baez released her newest album, Day After Tomorrow, her first new studio recording in five years. The album included "Henry Russell's Last Words," imortalizing the song. Joan recorded the tracks in Nashville in December and February, working with producer Steve Earle and a band that includes bluegrass veterans Tim O'Brien and Darryl Scott, as well as Viktor Krauss and Kenny Malone. The album will feature three songs written by Steve Earle, including "God Is God," a song Joan debuted during her recent tour. Day After Tomorrow also includes songs by Eliza Gilkyson, Patti Griffin, Tom Waits, Diana Jones and Thea Gilmore. You can listen to Joan Baez's latest hits at her MySpace page.

Henry's Last Words

To read a special commentary published in the Dominion Post, Morgantown, WV, September 11, 2008, download this .pdf file.